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Alangudi Guru Peyarchi 2017 Live Thanthi TV, Jaya TV Thittai Guru Temple

Thanthi TV Live Telecast Guru Peyarchi 2017 from Alangudi Guru Temple on September 2, 2017. Jaya TV live streaming Thittai guru bhagavan Guru Peyarchi 2017 celebration and sirappu special poojai and abishekam

Thanthi TV Alangudi Guru Peyarchi (Jupiter Transit) 2017-2018 Live on Sep 2, 2017

Watch Thanthi TV live Alangudi Abathsahyeswarar Temple Guru Peyarchi 2016 on September 2, 2017, Live telecast Time: 8.00 AM IST – 10.00 AM IST. To Watch Thanthi TV online live streaming video can be seen through www.thanthitv.com

Jaya TV Thittai Gurupeyarchi 2017- 2018 (Jupiter Transit) Live on Sep 2, 2017

Watch Jaya TV live Thittai Vasishteswarar Temple Guru Peyarchi 2017 on September 2, 2016, Live telecast Time: 8.00 AM IST – 10.30 AM IST. Jaya Plus also expected to live telecast guru peyarchi 2016. to watch jaya plus news online: http://jayanewslive.in/default.aspx

Guru Peyarchi 2016 Live:  Gurupeyarchi palangal /Jupiter Transit 2017 -2018 live streaming online video on Aug 2, 2016.

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Guru Peyarchi 2017 Date & Time: September 2, 2017 at 9.30 AM IST – Nigalum Mangalagaramana hevilambi year avani month, 17th day (2/9/2017) saturday, Thuvadasi Thithi, sithayogam kudiya subha thinathil kaalai 9.30 maniku Guru bagavaan kanni rasiyil irunthu thulam rasiku peyarchi adaigirar. Mahamaham 2017 Live Jaya TV, DD Podhigai, Thanthi TV Video. Similarly Guru Peyarchi 2017 celebrated in Vasisteswarar Temple, Thittai Guru sthalam, Thanjavur and Uthamar Kovil /Bhikshandar Kovil. 

Guru Peyarchi 2017 celebration in Alangudi Guru temple on September 2, 2017 and Thittai Guru Temple Guru Peyarchi 2017.

Guru Peyarchi 2017 Live Streaming Online

Arulmigu Guru Bhagavan Enters the Zodiacal sign Virgo (Kanya)  to Libra (Thulam) on the 17th of Aani Saturday (02-09-2017) Best occasion for persons of following zodiacal signs to hare remedies done for their individual signs. Kallalagar Vaigai River 2017 live telecast Jaya TV, Thanthi TV Video

Guru Peyarchi 2017 Yogam Tharum Rasigal / Jupiter Transit 2017 benefit to the following rashi’s

  • Taurus (Rishabam)
  • Leo (Simam / simha)
  • Cancer (Kadagam rasi)
  • Libra (Thulam rasi)
  • Scorpio (Virichigam)
  • Capricorn (Magaram)
  • Pisces (Meenam)

The following rasi’s are get benefit by worship guru during Guru Peyarchi 2017

  • Aries (Mesha rasi)
  • Gemini (Midhunam rasi)
  • Virgo (Kanni rasi)
  • Sagittarius (Danusu rasi)
  • Aquarius (Kumbam rasi)

Offset Jupiter in astrology, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the main feature of the shear. Guru offset what percentage of this year’s zodiac will not benefit

1. mesha rasi 6th place (Rogasthanam) 50% advantage.

2. Rishabam 5th place (poorva puniyasthanam 70% advantage

3. Mithunam 4 place (kenthirsthanam) 50% advantage (arttastama Guru)

4. Kadagam 3rd place (tairiyastanam) 40% advantage

5. simmam 2nd position 90% good

6. kanni jenmarasi 50% good

7. Thulam 12th position (virayasthanam) 60% good

8. virichigam 11th place location (labasthanam) 95% advantage

9. danusu location (Jeevana position) 55% advantage

10. makaram 9 place (pakya position) 90% advantage

11. kumbam 8th location (place of life) 40% advantage

12. Meenam 7th position (kalattirastanam) 100% benefit.

In View of it latcharchana is to be performed for the Guru Bhagavan from 7th avani (23-08-2017) to the 14th avani (30-08-2017) and again front the 22nd avani (07-09-2017) to the 29th avani (14-09-2017) .

Latcharchana fee is Rs. 400/- (Rupees Four hundred Only) 2 Gram Silver Dollar with an engraving of Guru Bhagavan’s image will be given as prasadam.

The Amount may be sent either by M.0 (or) DD Payable at Kumbakonam to the “Assistant Commissioner / Executive Officer, Arulmigu Abathsahayeswaraswamy Temple, Alangudi-612 801, Valangaiman Taluk, Thiruvarur District” with details of devotees name, zodiacal sign, gothra, lagna (Including Cell No.) and the address to which prasadam should be sent.

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