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Jamaica General Election 2016 Result Live Winner List

Jamaica Parliament Election 2016 / Jamaica MP Elections 2016 Result Live Vote Poll Counting Winner List, Total Seats won by PNP, Vote polling percentage, Votes %, Total votes, Voter turnout, total MP seats winning by JLP. Majority party will form the new government.

Jamaican General Elections will be held on February 25, 2016, after the completion of the vote polling, vote counting will be done and election result will be declared. The main contest between current ruling People’s National Party (PNP) vs opposition party Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). After the election result has been announced, news prime minister oath taking ceremony function will be happened and new MP’s Ministers also taking the oath along with formation of the new government. Jamica News Television channels will live telecast the election result and oath taking ceremony.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller announced Jamaican general election date on January 31 2016 and nomination date was also announced on February 9, 2016. Jamaican Parliament Constituency House represented by 63 members elected in single member by first past the post voting.

Jamaica Election Result 2016 Live

Political Parties in compete in Jamaican General Election 2016

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)

People National Party (PNP)

Marcus Garvey Peoples Progressive Party (MGPPP)

Jamaica Alliance Movement (JAM)

National Democratic Movement (NDC)

Hope for Portland East (HOPE)

Apart from the above political parties Independent candidates also in Jamaican General Elections.

Jamaican General Election 2016 Total Candidates Count

In Jamaican General Election, 63 candidates from JLP, 63 candidates from PNP, 6 candidates from MGPPP, 7 candidates from NDM, 2 candidates from UPP, 1 candidate from HOPE and 10 Independents candidates.

Parliamentary Constituencies of Jamaica / Jamaica MP’s Constituency List

Jamaica’s 14 parishes/ town are subdivided into sixty-three parliamentary constituency represented in the House of Representatives of the Jamaican Parliament, follow Westminster system elects 63 Members of Parliament (MPs) to the Jamaica House of Representatives by first past post system of election.

Parish / TownConstituency
Clarendon ParishClarendon Central
Clarendon North
Clarendon North Central
Clarendon North West
Clarendon South East
Clarendon South West
Hanover Parish



Hanover East
Hanover West
Kingston ParishKingston Central
Kingston East & Port Royal
Kingston West
Manchester ParishManchester Central
Manchester North East
Manchester North West
Manchester South
Portland ParishPortland East
Portland West
St. Andrew ParishSt. Andrew East
St. Andrew East Central
St. Andrew East Rural
St. Andrew North Central
St. Andrew North East
St. Andrew North West
St. Andrew South
St. Andrew South East
St. Andrew South West
St. Andrew West
St. Andrew West Central
St. Andrew West Rural
St. Ann ParishSt. Ann North East
St. Ann North West
St. Ann South East
St. Ann South West
St. Catherine ParishSt. Catherine Central
St. Catherine East
St. Catherine East Central
St. Catherine North Central
St. Catherine North East
St. Catherine North West
St. Catherine South
St. Catherine South Central
St. Catherine South East
St. Catherine South West
St. Catherine West Central
St. Elizabeth ParishSt. Elizabeth North East
St. Elizabeth North West
St. Elizabeth South East
St. Elizabeth South West
St. James ParishSt. James Central
St. James East Central
St. James North West
St. James South
St. James West Central
St. Mary ParishSt. Mary Central
St. Mary South East
St. Mary West
St. Thomas ParishSt. Thomas East
St. Thomas West
Trelawny Parish



Trelawny North
Trelawny South
Westmoreland ParishWestmoreland Central
Westmoreland East
Westmoreland West

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