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Madras High Court Renamed as Chennai High Court

Madras High Court Renamed as Chennai High Court From Today June 05, 2016: New Delhi: Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Madras High Court will be known as Chennai High Court in press conference after cabinet expansion in New Delhi. Similarly Calcutta High Court will be known as Kolkata High Court, Bombay High Court as Mumbai High Court

The approval given by cabinet meeting headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As “Madras” was renamed as Chennai. Consequently, “Madras High Court the name” Madras High Court that the name changes to the state from the request was made. The Indian High Courts Act, 1861, under then Madras, the High Court of Madras High the Court was called and law was later removed.

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In 1996, during DMK ruling period in tamilnadu, Madras was the capital of tamilnadu and former chief minister karunanidhi renamed madras as Chennai. All the names madras changed to Chennai and excluding madras high court and madras university

Similarly, Bombay High Court to Mumbai and Kolkata, Calcutta High Court, respectively, as the change of the name of a two state governments demanded. Bombay changed to Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra in 1995. Calcutta, capital of West Bengal in 2011 was changed to Kolkata.

The Bombay High Court on the condition that the name of the Bombay High Court, Calcutta High Court Calcutta High Court today that it has approved the first to be renamed.


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