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Mizoram RTO Vehicle Registration Number Details

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The latest updated list of Mizoram RTO Vehicle Registration Numbers are given below. The list contains the details about the registration series, RTO / Unit Office. All the registration numbers are start with MZ (short form of representing Mizoram) – followed by the RTOs code and four digit number. There are 08 RTO in Mizoram under various districts and divisions. The registration number format is same for all two wheeler (bikes, scooters, etc), three wheeler (auto), four wheeler (car, van, buses, etc,)

Mizoram RTO Running Series

Take an example of a vehicle number MZ-01 A 0001, where ‘MZ’ denotes code for Mizoram, ’01’ denotes RTOs code for Mizoram, ‘A’ denotes series and ‘0001’ denotes running serial number. The running serial numbers are between 0001 to 9999.

Registration series RTO / District / Region

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