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Poonam pandey Hot Video Released on Christmas Dec 25, 2015

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Bollywood Actress/Model, Telugu heroine Poonam pandey said, she will release sizziling video on her official twitter for fans as Christmas gift this year. After her Christmas gidt video release statement, lot of expectations are buildup to know more details about the video content and clippings to be updated on December 25, 2015.

Usually poonam pandey not keep any suspense about her statement, this time she clearly mentioned that Hot glamour video should be uploaded. Lot of peoples are visit poonam pandey’s official twitter page to know more details about the video and this news goes viral on all social media like facebook, youtube, whatsapp etc.

Several opposes may come to stop uploading the video. We have to wait till Christmas to see whether the video will be update or not? As poonam pandey joined twitter in 2011. Up to now 719790 followers are following poonam pandey on twitter.

Poonam pandey continuously uploading created controversy video and pictures on her twitter and goes viral on the internet. Poonam Pandey Christmas Gift video details: It is expected that in the video pandey wearing christmas santa claus dress costume. For the proof the teaser video clips are uploaded in the twitter page. Some of the photos are mentioned below. We are expecting that the video will also contains christmas wishes from poonam pandey to his fans.

Watch Poonam Pandey Christmas 2015 Gift Santa Dress Teaser Video Clips Images

Where to watch Poonam pandey Hot Christmas released Video online

The official video of poonam pandey as se..xy santa will be seen through official Poonam pandey twitter page.


Poonam pandey announced to release the “Teaser Video on its way for this Christmas”

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