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Samayapuram Poochorithal Festival 2016 Live Date Schedule

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Poochorithal (Poochoriyal) is also said to be flower festival / flower sprinkling festival / Flower Showering Festival. It is the annual festival to be celebrated in the tamil month maasi (English month March).

This year Arulmigu Samayapuram Mariamman Kovil 2016 Poochorithal will be on March 13, 2016. Kappukatuthal will be around time /timing 9.00 AM IST – 10.00 AM IST and devotes will be seen mariamman without any cost (free darshan), temple will be opened around 5.00 AM IST.

For the convenience of the peoples, TNSTC run special buses and temporary bus stops will be arranged. Medial camps arranged, uninterrupted power supplies are also ensured.

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Samayapuram Mariamman temple near is located in Trichy. It is one of the world famous hindu temple. Every year Poochorithal starts on last Sunday of masi month (11th month of Tamil calendar)

Samapuram poo festival will be celebrated for five Sundays started from masi month last Sunday and followed by four sundays in panguni / pankuni month (last month of Tamil calendar)

During the festival devotees from various place near trichy surrounding carry flowers to the temple to sprinkle flowers on Mariamman.

Devotes likely to carry flower baskets from small temples near to their location as a group, the flower baskets contains various beautiful flowers of fragrance being showering on the Moolavar idol.

Every year over lakh of devotees visit to the temple to dharsan of the Goddess and the flowers will be given to devotees as prasadham. It is believed that goddess fasts for welfare of devotees for 28 days.

During those 28 days of time cooked food will not be offered as nivediyam. Only simple rice flour, Coconut, Sugar Candy, Jaggery water, Butter Milk, are offered as Nivediyam and Prasadam.

Samayapuram Poochorithal Festival 2016 Date Schedule

March 13, 2016Starting of Poochoriyal
20th March 20162nd Poochoriyal 2016
27/03/20163rd week Poochoriyal
April 3, 20164th week Poochoriyal
Apr 10, 2016End of Poochoriyal

Apart from Poochorithal festival, some important festivals celebrated in samayapuram are Thai Poosam Festival in Thai Month, Chitrai Festival in Panguni – Chithirai Month, Panchaprakaram in Chitrai – Vaikasi Month, Navarathiri Festival in Purattasi Month.

Samayapuram Ther Thiruvila 2016 Date: April 19, 2016

Samayapuram Mariamman Temple (Kovil) Temple Car Festival / Samayapuram Chithirai Festival Temple Car Festival / Chithirai Ther Thiruvila Chariot Festival will be attended over lakhs of peoples on April 19, 2016 (Saturday). The ther thiruvizha event will be started before 9.00 AM IST. Samayapuram Ther Thiruvila 2016 live telecast on Trichy Local Televsion channels NTV Trichy, STV Trichy, AMN TV Trichy etc

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