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Saravanan Meenatchi 3 Cast Crew, Wiki, Actor, Actress Name

Vijay TV Saravanan Meenatchi Serial Season 3 Hero Real Name, Actor Actress Real Name, Cast & Crew, Wiki:

Saravanan Meenatchi aka Saravanan Meenakshi is Tamil serial aired on Vijay TV (Star Vijay). The serial telecast from November 7, 2011. The serial telecast slot: Monday to Friday evening at 8.30PM IST.

Saravanan Meenatchi Serial Season 3

Vijay TV popular serial Saravanan Meenatchi season 3 will be starts on July 18, 2016 (Monday). In 3rd season of Saravanan Meenakshi serial, saravanan character played by sun music anchor rio, while meenakshi character again played by Rachita. Saravanan Meenatchi season 3 serial will be telecast from every monday – saturday at 8.30 PM IST

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Saravanan Meenatchi Serial Cast & Crew Details

The below list showing Saravanan Meenatchi serial cast and crew details which includes actor name, actress name, role / character real name.

Saravanan Meenatchi Season 1 Cast

Main cast
  • Mirchi Senthil as Saravanan
  • Sreeja Chandran as Meenatchi Saravanan
  • Stalin as Thamizhselvan
  • Ramya as Soundarya
Additional cast
  • Rajasekar as Rajasekar
  • Kuyili as Sharadha
  • Y. V. Subramaniam as Vaidhyanathan
  • S. N. Lakshmi as Meenatchi’s Grandmother
  • Margaret Divya as Yamini
  • Suchitra / Shwetha as Sudha
  • Susan George as Malliga
  • Sangeetha as Amudha
  • Rajkumar as Subramani
  • Kavinraj as Murugan
  • Manoj Kumar as Arjun
  • Shamili as Ramya
  • Mirchi Shah as Shah
  • Syed Anwar Ahmed as Aravind

Saravanan Meenatchi Season 2 Cast

Main cast
  • Kavinraj as Saravanan Perumal aka Vettaiyan
  • Rachitha Mahalakshmi as Thanga Meenatchi Saravanan Perumal
  • Karthik as Pandi (Main Antagonist)

Additional cast

  • Kuyili as Sharadha
  • Rajasekar as Rajasekar
  • Siddharth as Vaitheeswaran (Meenatchi`s brother)
  • Nandini as Revathi aka Mynaa (Meenatchi`s best friend)
  • Alagesh as Thamizh (Meenatchi`s dad, Vettaiyan`s maternal uncle)
  • Deepa Nethran as Sudha (Vettaiyan`s mother, Thamizh`s younger sister)
  • Lakshmi/ Sri Latha as Soundharya (Meenatchi`s mother, daughter of Rajasekar and Sharadha)
  • Kumara Moorthi as Douglas (Vettaiyan`s best friend)
  • Divya/Pavithra as Tulasi Vaitheeswaran/ Tulasi Anbarasu (Vaitheeswaran`s wife)
  • V J Chitra as Kalayarasi (Vettaiyan`s friend)
  • Irfan/Vetri as Shakthi Saravanan
  • Raghavan as Arunachalam
  • Priya as Priya
  • Inba as Inba
  • Shyam as Gautham

Saravanan Meenatchi Season 3 Cast

  • Ratchita as Meenakshi
  • Rio as Saravanan
  • Nandini as Sneha, Meenakshi’s sister

Saravanan Meenatchi serial written by Francis Kathiravan, directed by Praveen Bennett Azhagar, Producer R. Venkatesh Babu, Syed Anwar Ahmed, Cinematography by R Saravanan, Production company(s) Global Villagers and Evergreen Productions.

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  1. It will be great if Vettaiyan alias Kavin be given one of the main character in SM 3. There are some characters which do not easily erase from our heart

  2. The role of Rio ( Saravanan) appears to be idiotic. He is a vegaband uneducated unemployed person wants to love a rich educated girl Meenatchi…. what a poor imagination to spoil the young viewers mind

  3. What is meenakshi’s mothers real name

  4. Vengrai V Parthasarathy

    Saravanan’s sister (lame) has given an authentic portrayal
    and has a great potential; better than even Rachita
    Parthasarathy Vengrai

  5. apart from meenakshi mutalagu and saravanan’s sister r very beautiful pl give them more importance

  6. we liked he dance during the receiption. enjoyed very much .

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