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Simbu Mother Usha T.Rajendar Speech on Beep Song Issue

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Simbu Mother Usha T.Rajendar emotional Speech about Beep Song issue has been for last for the ten days, she asked that what wrong Simbu has done? She added that no privacy in her home not able to come out of home. Media persons are coming with mic and ask questions about simbu on beep song Controversy.

She added that what mistake has Simbu done? Simbu is a normal man, he not speak wrongly in public, not hurt womens in any interview, films. He is a youngster not even married. The beep song was recorded in home for funny and even the song was also recorded with beep sound. it was not officially released by simbu, it was stolen by some body and released it in the internet to spoil the simbu name and image. There are trying to stop simbu’s upcoming released movies too. check watch simbu beep song

Simbhu Mother Usha T Rajendar Emotional Speech Video Released Online

For the same issue, police complaint and cases are filed against simbu, what requires arresting simbu? Simbu is tamilnadu, india only. He is not escaped anywhere. Some people asking for him to be hanged for the Beep Song. On behalf of simbu she apologizes all for beep song release. There is no one support simbu for this issue. If you need simbu live or need my life we are ready to give. He is not done any mistake. He is my child, if simbu has done any mistake, instead of him hang me. We don’t need anything leave simbu and our family from tamilnadu. What sin we done?

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