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Sun TV Priyamanaval Serial Cast, Crew, Actress, Actor, Real Name

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Priyamanaval Serial Telecast Date: 19-01-2015
Priyamanaval Serial Telecast Time: 9.00 pm – 9.30 pm
Priyamanaval Serial Story: Priyamanaval revolves around a doting mother and her four sons. The mother whishes to see her sons’ marrying and her family growing where they all reside happily under one roof.
Priyamanaval Serial Cast : Praveena, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Dharish, Vijay, Vineeth, Aseem, Ravi Varma, Sri Vidhya, Shivaranjini, Sweety, Giri, Nilani, Karthik, Veera, Usha Elizabeth, Adhithya, Subbulakshmi, Nandhini
Sun TV Priyamanaval Serial Cast, Crew, Actress, Actor, Real Name

RoleCharacter NameReal Name
Family Head, Uma’s Husband, Father of Natraj, Saravana, Dhilipan, PrabhaKrishnaSubhalekha Sudhakar
House Wife, Krishna’s WIfe, Mother of Natraj, Saravana, Dhilipan, PrabhaUmaPraveena
Krisha & Uma’s First Son, Avanthika’s HusbandNatrajVijay
Krisha & Uma’s Daughter in law, wife of NatrajAvanthikaSivaranjani
Krisha & Uma’s Second SonSaravana
Krisha & Uma’s Third Son, Kavitha ‘s HusbandDhilipan / Dileephan
Krisha & Uma’s Daughter in law, wife of DhilipanKavitha
Krisha & Uma’s Fourth SonPrabhaAssem
Uma’s Sister, Uncle of Natraj, Saravana, Dhilipan, PrabhaVaithi
Vaithi’s wifesusheela
Krishan’s Friend, Ishwari’s Husband, Kannan’s fatherAiyavoo
House Wife, Aiyavoo’s WIfe, Mother of KannanIshwari /easwariusha elizabeth
Aiyavoo & Ishwari’s SonKannanRavi Varma
Uma’s friendValarmathy
Sun TV Priyamanaval Serial
Sun TV Priyamanaval Serial
StoryVikatan Story Team
CameramanM.R Saravana Kumar
ProductionVikatan Tele Vistas Pvt. Ltd
DirectionT.C Bala prasad

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  1. I love saravanan character in Priyamanaval Serial n i like him personally very much.Coz of him m watching Priyamanaval Serial.

  2. I love this serial because uma is very beautiful character ….uma family lovely family……

  3. I don’t like that idiot police now came as relations Sathish

  4. Nice serial and I love uma character.avanthika I like u.kavitha very beauty unga eyes sema cute.

  5. KARTHIKEYAN Somasundaram

    What is the name of that ACP Giridhar? He is doing very well but unfortunately in negative character. Make him a positive man in future. Please give me the name of Giridhar.

  6. iam watching this serial bcos of saravanan and boomika and Uma. Very good actors

  7. I like uma character personally I like her

    • why did you change priyamanaval.so bad .please telecast 9oclock. thats right time . nanthini 10o clock polame. dont change time.

  8. Director sir please don’t make the people fool

  9. Great reviews and fans for Azeem he is most top and hard Woking in studios whether it is in Vijay TV or in Sun TV.

  10. Please make audience happy it is the duty of director

  11. Very bad

  12. If u continue the serial like this we will switch to next channel not only me most of the audience.
    We need some enthusiasm.

  13. I like this serial very much . Especially I like PRABHA character . I like UMA character also very much . But you are making UMA character so innocent . Please approach this serial to a positive way . Always don’t make evil characters to win . We will be more exited to watch this serial if you make this serial in positive approach .

  14. Not good , verry borining siriyale ,but stori good

  15. Very worst serial.please stop the serial.

  16. In my life I didn’t see such idiotic serial. Story by vikatan story team is bluffing. In one episode when they kidnap dc giri wife they are keeping the condition they want to see their father & how to escape they are deciding to keep knife on vinayak neck to escape. In other episode again they are planning how to escape. This is totally bluffing serial. This story is totally bluffing story. What type of story this is.
    The director is totally useless.


  18. Its is very very Worst serial.

  19. This is the worst serial I have seen in the last twenty years.

  20. Cutie pie prabha!!
    And Saravana plz stop gaining weight… You’re cute this way only.

  21. I like priyamanaval story . I love saravanan.so handsome. And I like DC giri.semma acting giri sir hats off . very suitable person for that character.

  22. I love that girl Niranjani Agarwaal..super beauty

  23. I like ACP Ratthinam good police man in serial

  24. I like tis serial very much because of UMA and PRABHA . Such a lovely mom and handsome son…very good and keep going PRIYAMANAVAL ….

  25. I love prabhakar mis u life la 1time ungala neraile pata i am so happy.

  26. I like this avanthika character realy super………

  27. I like u very much prabha

  28. Wow lovely serial family serial good stories and gud Actor’s keep it up

  29. Uma acting super???????

  30. wats the real name of isaipriya

  31. Love Saravanan and bhoomi..so cute..prabha Ku nandhu than match..

  32. Priyamanaval serial now goes good. Ayyavu character is exceptionally well.

  33. Puvanah Santhiran

    I like Priyamanaval serial very much. Expectely i like Prabha character, Uma character, and Nanthini Isai character. Uma acting very was sweet

  34. I like all characters so much

  35. I like uma and prabha characters… and i like very much and very suitable in police getup to Rathinam character . I like rathinam sir. He is true name ?

  36. I like Uma character and then avanthika acting super she is very beauty,I like assem also,priyamanaval serial very nice

  37. i like natraj…very cute your look….very smart….i like u so muchhhhhhhhhh

  38. I like piriyamanaval set all members and then i love uma characters.

  39. I like Isai, Can you please tell her real name?

  40. Mokka serial….there is no good story

    • please dont change the time priyamanaval.9o clock thats right time. please telecast 9o clock. nanthini telecast 10o clock.nanthini telecast 10o clock. nanthini telecast 10o clock.

  41. I like rathanam pls give me our number pls

  42. such a beautiful son in praba. because azeem acting is super. he is best and perfect acting to praba caracter. and this serial munnadi romba alaga,cuta, sentimenta, supera irunthathu but athu ethuvume ippa illa. eppa pathalum pali vanganumgrd ennam matum than.so please marubadiyum palaya madhiri kadhai supera edunga. and please want to the praba azeem.

    • change the priyamanaval time. please telecast 9’o clock. change praba. return azeem. and old kavitha return.azeem return to the praba catacter. isai and praba(azeem) good pair.

  43. Don’t change priyamanaval serial timings and i want old praba and kavitha plz plz plz plz

  44. Priyamanaval serial is useless n stupid serial..1st time im seeing idiot n useless character housewife uma..in 20th century nobody l fool like tis..pls la director come out story with more sense..dont do same scene many times..tats show ur really damn stupid director..

  45. Plz join the cute couple isai and assem

  46. Prabhakar weds Nandhini marriage is wrong suppose to marriage isaipriya is wright. I don’t like to see here after

  47. Plz.. ..join the couples Isaipriya and praba… …..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  48. please return azeem praba

  49. pavam rathnam eppa pathalum avara ean eamathuringa girie eppayum jaykiraru. veetuku vanthum giri irunthum rathnam pidikala. avara intelligenta kattiyum innum giriya pidikala. prabavum isaiyum seranum.

  50. I like Acp ratinakumar sir. Acting is very nice .

  51. AC RATHNAM. The real hero of this serial

  52. I know ur real name ACP. Rarthanam. Gunalan am i right. Also i know DC Giri’s real name s Parthan. Wats mean by that.Parthan is better than Giri……

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