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Sun TV Stops Telecast EMI Serial Vikatan Televistas

Sun TV Stops Telecast EMI Serial Vikatan Televistas: Sun TV suddenly stopped its aired serial EMI Thavanai Murai Vazhkai. The reason for them to stop the serial was unknown. While the last episode of EMI serial Episode 104 telecast on 29/07/16.

EMI Serial is one of the good serial has good number of fans following, the serial goes well after the introduction of Thara character.

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Without any information, Sun TV suddenly stopped the serial. EMI serial fans are disappointed and they are asking why EMI serial stopped and what is the reason Vikatan Stopped EMI Serial and fans request Sun TV and Vikatan TV to telecast the serial as usual and telecast EMI Thavanai Murai Vazhkai Season 2 soon.

For the last two days, sun TV telecast promo for new comedy show “Comedy Junction” to replace EMI serial from August 1, 2016 Monday – Friday at 10.00 PM – 10.30 PM IST.

Sun TV EMI Serial Stopped Season 2 Coming Soon
Sun TV EMI Serial Stopped Season 2 Coming Soon

EMI Serial Season 2 Coming Soon Promo

The viktan televistas posted an video in their official youtube channel, “For our viewers of EMI, Vikatan announces season 2 of EMI, exclusively on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned on release date and more on ‘Tharesh’!”

To watch EMI Serial All Episodes: http://goo.gl/6v9CBS

EMI Thavanai Murai Vazhkai Season 2 Telecast Date: TBA

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About EMI Serial

EMI – Thavanai Murai Vazhkai Tamil prime time serial aired Monday-Friday on Sun TV from 7 March 2016 at 10:30PM IST. EMI serial directed by M. Iniyan Dinesh, produced by Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd. written by Jyothishna, Albinraj. Theme music composer Harsha Iyer (title song), Sek Meera (background score), Opening theme “Valiba Vayadhu” Harsha Iyer (Vocal), Ashok Iyer (Lyrics).

EMI Serial Cast & Crew, Character Name / Role Name

Vikram as Mahesh

Hari priya as Lekha

Naresh Eswar as Santhosh

Shyam Sunder as Madan

Vijay as Subash

Pop Suresh as Gopal

Pavani reddy as Thara

Naren Ram as Rajesh

Sowmya as Janaki

Priya Prince as Sujatha






EMI Thavanai Murai Vazhkai Season 2 Wiki, Cast & Crew, Actor, Actress Detailed will be updated.

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  1. Please sir telecast the emi serial

  2. Cecilia francis

    Stop keladi kanmani nagini and telecast emi

  3. Im very disoppinded to stop emi serial…now a days only im watching very seriously to this serial..magesh and thara story going very intersting..y ur stop suddenly..i want that serial is back…pls telecast quickly..and stop that comedy prgm…

  4. please telecast the serial ilove it

  5. please sir telecast the emi serial

  6. EMI serial is really superb. I am very disappointed in missing it. Hope it will be telecasted soon.

  7. Plz telecast the EMI Serial Very impress i like it

  8. Why did u stop the emi serial suddendly.It has a good storyline and wanting to c more of romance between thara and mahesh.Why it had been stopped without any information.please do telecast the emi serial and please stop the keladi kanmani.

  9. you did you stop serial I am very aspect

  10. please immediately start the emi serial this comedy show serial is very boring start emi serial I am waiting

  11. This is the only serial which is reflecing the present day life style. why did you abruptly stopped telecasting the serial? Please so many educated fans are there to view. We are not for the cheap comedy. there are lot of so called “comedy shows” are already there.


    Whether you are going to telecast the EMI or not that’s secondary, but let us know the reason for stopping it. Don’t think the followers are fools. And then the substitute comedy serial make hard to smile.

  13. The serial was very interesting. We want EMI back

  14. good serial emi fans like retun.

  15. Pls pls pls retelecast the emi serial… It was very intersting.. We all want that serial.. Its an awesomatic story we are facing in real life so pls… We want it back as soon as possible..


    Why did u stop Such a best serial E M I .I am very much disappointed.What does it mean season 2 is only for youtube viewers.Pl explain and telecast season 2 immediately.kindly stop comedy junction and start telecasting E M I please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE………………………PLEASE

  17. EMI has an interesting storyline and the cast has presented the story in such an intriguing way that it has definitely garned the attention of viewers. Understand that there might have been an un-informed, abrupt need to stop telecasting the serial. Would be really delighted if updates of the serial could be given.

  18. Gita Subramanian

    I was watching EMI with great interest. SUN TV has done disservice to its viewers by discontinuing the serial

  19. Please sir immediately start the seriaal i am waiting………

  20. I have one question, Wat do u think about people we are not idiots we are watching nearly 2month above at late night. How dare u stop the serial without information, very bad sun tv I hate it

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