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Vijay TV Seethayin Raman/Seedhaiyin Ramaan Serial Cast & Crew

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Star Vijay TV Seethaiyin raman Serial Details Story, Telecast Time Details

Vijay TV schedule to airing new serial Seethayin Raman /Seethaiyin raman /Seedhayin Raman a Hindi dubbed serial Siya Ke Ram from January 4, 2015. The serial is also said to be Maryada Purushottam Siya Ke Ram. The main characters in Seethayin Raman Serial (Ramanayam from seetha point of view) are Raman, Seethai, MahaRaja Janakar / Janagar, MahaRani sunaina, Ilavarasi Seetha, MahaRaja Dasarathar, Guru Vasistar, MahaRani Kousalai, MahaRani Sumithirai, MahaRani Kaikeyi. Seethayin Raman Serial Wikipedia page is not yet created. This page will be helpful to know more details about the serial.

Seedhaiyin raman/Seethayin Ramaan Serial Story Plot

The main story of the serial is developed from ramanaya written by poet Valmiki. The main highlight of the serial about telling he ramanayam from seetha’s point of view. The main charcters played in the serial are same as in the ramanayam story.

Seethayin Raman Seedhayin raman Serial Cast, Crew

The below table list contains Character Name / Role Played and Real Name / Original Name and followed by cast and crew details. While the charcater name of Seethayin Ramaan in tamil is slightly differs from original hindi version Siya Ke Ram.

Character Name / Role PlayedReal Name / Original Name
Ilavarasar Raman /Ramaan/ Ramar (Hero)Ashish Sharma
Ilavarasi Seetha /Sita/ Seethai (Heroine)Madirakshi Mundle
Lakshmana / LakshmananKaran Suchak
ShatrughnaPratham Kunwar
Bharatha / Bharathan/ BarathanSujay Reu
Young SitaAnanya Agarwal
Young RamaYash Mistry
teenage RamaVedant Sawant
teenage Lakshmana / LakshmananSamarth Mishra
teenage BharatPravisht Mishra
Maharani KaushalyaSnigdha Akolkar
ShrutakirtiTanvi Madhyan
Hethvi Bhanushali
KushadhwajaHemant Choudhary
MandaviPrithvi Hatte
MahaRaja Janakar / JanagarBijay Anand
Maharani KaikeyiGrusha Kapoor
Maharani SunainaBhargavi Chirmule
MahaRaja DasharathaDalip Tahil
VishwamitraManish Wadhwa
SumitraSampada Vaze
UrmilaYukthi Kapoor
ShantaZalak Desai
Raavanan / RavananKarthik Jayaram
GargiRicha Soni
ShathanandRomanch Mehta
Guru VashistharSandeep Mohan
SumantraVinod Kapoor
TatakaKashmira Shah
ParashuramaSudesh Berry
VillagerRavi Jhankal


GenreHistorical Television Drama
Based onRamayana
Written byAnand Neelakantan, Subrat Sinha, Bhavna Vyas
Original language(s)Hindi Dubbed in to tamil for vijay tv
Producer(s)Nikhil Sinha
Running time30 minutes
Productioncompany(s)Triangle Film Company

Seethayin Raman Serial Characters Real Names With Photos

Seethayin Raman Serial Raman
Seethayin Raman Serial Ilavarasi Seetha
Seethayin Raman Serial Guru Vasistar
Guru Vasistar
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRaja Dasarathar
MahaRaja Dasarathar
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRaja Janakar-Janagar
MahaRaja Janakar-Janagar
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRani Kaikeyi
MahaRani Kaikeyi
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRani Kousalai
MahaRani Kousalai
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRani Sumithirai
MahaRani Sumithirai
Seethayin Raman Serial MahaRani sunainaSeethayin Raman Serial MahaRani sunaina
MahaRani sunaina

More characters images will be added. Stay Tuned.. For any suggestions register your comments.

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  1. Please change the time of Seethyin raman to 7.00pm or retelecast it by 9.30pm. kindly alter the time so that office going people can view the drama… We really miss the wonderful Ithihaasa seethaiyin raaman in VIjay TV…
    This is the comment from around 1000 people in our district..
    Kindly do the needful.

  2. I have been watching Seedhaiyin Raman serial for quite sometime. While Kalyanam mudhal Kaadhal varsity is a good melodrama, the serial Seedhaiyin Raman will genuinely require prime TV slot of 9.00 pm. I think this can be followed by KMKV and One chore jackpot can even be preponed to 8.00 pm slot. Saravanan Meenatchi in the new avatar can take 7.30 pm slot or Neengalum vellalaam oru Kodi can be put at 7.30 pm and 8.30 slot can be for SM. This will ensure fair distribution of telecast timings and sustainability of TRP ratings. You may think it over and do appropriate changes. Thanks

  3. pls change the time of sethaiyin ramar to 9.30 pm.bcz of the we r really missing this serial.kindly alter

  4. I request the vijay tv to change the time of seethaiyin ramar.pls at 9pm.it will useful for us to watch

  5. At least change the retelecast time to night 9 pm or 10 pm . I am very much worried about this . we request you. please do the needful?

  6. plz change the seethiyin raaman serial time to 9.30 pm. v really miss the serial.


  8. Retelecast it on 10pm

  9. Change this serial timing to 9.00PM Please.

  10. I fuiiy agree to re-telecast before 11.00 pm. Power cuts are regular. UPS may not be used for TV.

  11. Pl do not change the timings of seethayin Raman to morning 9am.we will miss it. Employed people can only see in the evening or night hours only. So as per your ads don’t take it to morning.

  12. 10 pm would be the right time to telecast Seethayin Raman. Morning slot is not convenient for majority of people as they will be leaving for office. Please don’t keep on changing the serial timings since most of them will be viewing serials in other channels regularly at that particular time, I was watching this serial when they telecasted at 10.30 pm in the beginning. Later on, when they started changing the timings, I lost interest in watching it.

  13. In today’s (24-10-2016) episode, the Ocean Deva asks Rama to send his Fire arrow to the south-east side, showing it by extending his left hand. Please note, the Rakshasas he referred were in in the North-east side. This is a major error which I noticed and wanted to inform you. So this message.

  14. sunil vigneshwar tamil nadu

    really super actors and director … my favorite actor in this serial ram and ravanan . I like verry much love u all… actorsss

  15. Pls put seediyan raman in correct timing

  16. Why no telecast of the sethayen Raman. Toooooo bad. No advance information also earlier vijay tv guys were not this bad…. please scroll the changes immediately. .

  17. Now what time relay going on sethayin raman

  18. Is there any changes in the timing of this serial

  19. why seethaiyin raman telecast is stopped in chennai from 5th december 2016
    is it because of our CMs demise

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