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Zika Virus Vaccine Discovery in India By Hyderabad Scientist

Zika Virus Medicine, Giga Virus Vaccine Price, Cost of Zika Virus Kit, Zika Virus Vaccine discovered. Indian Scientist says, for the first time in the world Zika virus vaccine medicine is found in India.

Make in India program as the most important measure Hyderabad research scientist found Zika virus vaccines. Noting the finding that there are two types of vaccines. Zika virus, and now in South America, Central America Embed the foot of the 23 countries.

Zika virus attacked women in pregnancy, birth, babies can contain birth problems. In particular, the head is smaller, the impact will be in the region of the brain. Approximately 4,074 of the birth of children with small heads in Brazil, where women are now advised not to achieve pregnancy.

Zika World Health Organization warned that the risk of virus attacks and 40 lakhs. There is no cure for the virus attack. Since there is no vaccine to prevent alarukinrana World countries. Salon International is a global health emergency declared. Aside from being active in the search for vaccine-world countries. Other global companies Zika anti-virus research to find a vaccine.

In this case, Zika vaccine virus that is found in India, Bharat Biotech International Limited in Hyderabad laboratory, scientists said. Bharat Biotech International Limited, Dr Krishna Ella said, The world’s first vaccine against the virus Zika virus to be discovered by us, bofore nine months asked permission to insect the medicine to the patients affected with Zika virus

Officially Zika virus sample to Hyderabad, the company is importing and producing two kinds of preventive treatment is indicated. Animal and human testing is said to be a long road. We looking for the support from Indian government in this matter. The Indian Council for Medical Research initiative also ready to help.

The Indian Council of Medical Research Director Dr. Swaminathan Speaking, Bharat Biotech Zika virus vaccines is finding the information that is reported. According to scientists, the question we need to study, to look at the possibility of carrying forward the study. Good example of the production of the Mac, “he said. Prime Minister to intervene directly, in terms of vaccine production and distribution of rapid regulatory approval of the rules on the issue is being urged to talarttaventum.

Pirks countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) system in place in countries such as Brazil has noted that the vaccine can help. Ordinary neglected disease that the world currently fear of infection has plunged. The vaccines being worked on so far.

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